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Rubedo brandy

Rubedo is exclusively made of assorted grapes, double distilled and aged in Slavonian oak barrels. Rubedo assembles the spirits of vineyards and forests from the green slopes at the edge of Pannonia plain.

Rich in taste, with smoky oaken flavors and color of melted gold, Rubedo evokes memories of the past and inspires visions of the future.

Purely natural, 100% vine distillate. No aromas or colors added.

In addition to its premium taste and aromas, Rubedo is a visually superior product. Both, front and the back labels are printed on a golden foil that fit perfectly with Rubedo’s color.

Packed in a black tube with discretely gold-printed logo, Rubedo represents a perfect gift for any occasion.

Rubedo in 20 cL bottle is made for  special moments with your dearest one – relax and enjoy