Award Winning Brandy From Croatia

Brandy Rubedo is the product of Gjurokovic’s distillery. Distillery is family owned, established in 2018. It is located in the wine region in eastern part of Croatia at the edge of Pannonian plain.

In 2020’s International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London, Rubedo was awarded silver medal.

IWSC is one of the most prestigious spirit competitions in the world and winning an award among hundreds of spirits from around the globe is an extraordinary achievement and success for Gjurokovic’s distillery.

IWSC 2020 spirits certificates-Silver



Another great recognition for Rubedo comes only several months after winning the silver medal from IWSC. This time the award came from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Once again, in April 2021, Rubedo was recognized by the judges as a high quality product and it was awarded the bronze medal.

Two awards from two the most influential spirit competitions in the world is a testimony for the efforts of the Gjurokovic family members and a dedication to all of you who enjoy in our brandy Rubedo.

Cheers! – make yourself comfortable... :)

Our Products

Rubedo brandy


Rubedo is exclusively made of assorted grapes, double distilled and aged in Slavonian oak barrels.

Rubedo assembles the spirits of vineyards and forests from the green slopes at the edge of Pannonia plain.

Rich in taste, with smoky oaken flavors and color of melted gold, Rubedo evokes memories of the past and inspires visions of the future.

Purely natural, 100% vine distillate. No aromas or colors added.

In addition to its premium taste and aromas, Rubedo is a visually superior product.

Both, front and the back labels are printed on a golden foil that fit perfectly with Rubedo’s color.

Packed in a black tube with discretely gold-printed logo, Rubedo represents a perfect gift for any occasion.


 Rubedo Rubedo in 20 cL bottle is made for special moments with your dearest one – relax and enjoy.